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October 29, 2007


Gabriel Mateescu

Energy policy may be a captivating subject
for everyone interested in the sustainability
of the human civilization.
Together with environment policy, it
will have a decisive impact on the life
of future generations.

In my opinion, these are times when
politicians and the media need to start
talking about these topics
in a more substantive manner.
Only with vision, leadership, courage,
and a sense of urgency, will the badly
needed changes occur.

It is time for a new "Manhattan
Project", this one aimed at making
renewable energy the dominant form
of energy used in society. And computer
science can be a key contributor to
this project, providing support for
large scale simulations and data
exploration. Having their work
contribute to solving a big challenge
of our time, will stimulate young
computer scientists and will attract
the brightest youth into science
and engineering.

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