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October 23, 2007


Gabriel Mateescu

Virtualization and Grid computing are
indeed related concepts, referring to
different levels of the virtualization

Intel's Ravi Subramaniam calls them
"the Siamese twins of IT infrastructure"
in his presentation given at OGF 21
in Seattle,

As Ravi notes, virtualization refers
to server-level and storage-level
techniques such as aggregation,
encapsulation, delegation, and
partitioning, whereas Grids are
"system-level virtualizations" and
"infrastructures for managing workload
and infrastructure virtualizations".


I think this is the "Terms War". Just look at

We can also say "Information Technology" is better known rather "GRID computing". But these are incomparable terms. Because Inf.Tech is much wider term than GRID one.

But this is the vary "sad fact" and I also came across this fact at FP7 Project. Some said that GRID is dead and Service Oriented Approach "rules the world" According to FP7-ICT Objective 1.2. They haven't met the GRID as the keyword in this objective, so I've heard about GRID's Death. And this was really sad

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